Museum of Water Culture


Location: Istanbul | TR
Project Type: Museum
Project Year: 2018
Plot Area: 660 m2
Project Area: 945 m2
Status: Under construction

The project is based on the idea of turning the historical Eyüp Hammam into a museum of water culture that interprets the meaning and story of water instead of a customary hammam museum, preserving the space memory.

In women's section of the hammam, the hypocaust columns were exposed as a result of the disappearance of the original marble flooring, and they are continued to be shown with the glass flooring; almost like stripping the hammam and showing off what’s inside. This will be the informatics part of the museum. In men’s section, the actual state of the hammam will be displayed and the experience will be supported by humidity, fog and luminous effects.

In the museum the meaning and spiritual perception of water, the story of the arrival of Istanbul Kirkcesme waters until the hammam, water objects and water culture along with the words spoken about water will be transferred through films, texts, graphic arrangements, models and objects. The visitor will not only be experiencing the normally invisible levels of the place through sound, light and spatial arrangements, but also will be gaining a selection of information on water culture from substructure scale to home-scale through fountains, water carriers and healing vessels etc. For visitors who want to obtain more information than provided in the routine museum tour, there is a reading room with specific books in the museum.

The wooden tepidarium part at the entrance is used as a books and souvenirs shop and there is a café in the backyard.