Istanbul Museum of Tombs


Location: Istanbul | TR
Client: T.C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Project Type: Museum
Project Year: 2018
Plot Area: 4.000 m2
Project Area: 1.826 m2
Status: Project

The architectural design is always tightly connected with its location, and is in constant interaction with its surroundings. Moreover, when transforming a structure from Mimar Sinan's period into a museum, the structure with the inventory to be exhibited also had an asset in itself, and the objects exhibited themselves expressed a delicate balance with the places they were in. It was clear that it was necessary. With this approach, we sought an architectural arrangement in pursuit of contemporary museology, which was sensitive to personality traits of the venue and which prioritized the approach of restoration. In addition to the inspiring responsibility of the venue, the exhibition of the rich inventory of the shrines in Istanbul shows not only the historical and artistic asset of these objects, but also the relationship between death and life, almost from the perspective of a "death culture" per se.

The complex consists of two madrasas in two separate levels, one in the fountain yard of the mosque, i.e. the U-shaped madrasa in the upper level and the other L-shaped one in the lower level. The main exhibition venues of the museum are located in this lower level-madrasa.